Lyman Asay


Paul Manaster

Lyman Asay is a happily married mother of three who works as a research scientist in a process lab for Simplot, an agricultural nutrients company. To balance her chemistry and math-intensive career, Lyman enjoys music, art, athletics and learning new languages. She has played violin in the Idaho State Civic Symphony since 2002 as a student, community member, and a few years on the Board. She teaches privately, has played in numerous other community performances, and plays fiddle with the Celtic band, Rune Stone. She recently found a love for acrylic painting and worked for a time at a paint-and-sip studio teaching paint sessions. For more than a decade, Lyman, with her husband, has competed in Highland Games throwing heavy implements, combined with strength training at the gym in the off-season. Other languages have always fascinated her. She has a minor in French and is currently seriously studying Mandarin Chinese, while dabbling in many others. She is a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in which she has served in various capacities, including teaching children, librarian, activities and leading and performing music.